Seaward PV150 Solarlink Plus test kit


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  • Save time using a number of different measuring tools in the field with this fast and comprehensive solar PV tester.
  •  The PV150 features a safe test connection meaning you can safely test energised arrays.
  •  The unit can also wirelessly capture and record real time irradiance, ambient temperature and PV module temperature measurements from the Solar Survey 200R.
  •  200 datasets can be stored on the PV150 and downloaded to the SolarCert software so you can create professional reports for your customers.

Seaward Solar Installation PV150 instrument.

2 x MC4 test lead adaptors.

2 x Combiner box test probes and detachable alligator clips (MC4).

2 x Test leads, with test probes and detachable alligator clips (4mm).

AC/DC current clamp.

Solar Survey 200R irradiance meter and temperature probe.

Solar Survey 200R mounting bracket.

Rugged carry bag.

Quick Start Guide.

UKAS Calibration Certificate (PV150).

SolarCert PC Software.

Part Number: 388A915


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