GoodWe 3,6kW single phase grid tied inverter, 2 MPPT, Wifi


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GoodWe’s DNS series is a single-phase on-grid inverter with excellent compact size, comprehensive software and hardware technology. Manufactured for durability and longevity under modern industrial standards, the DNS series offers high efficiency and class-leading functionality, IP65 dustproofing and waterproofing and a fan-less, low-noise design.


Weight: 16 kg

Rated Power: 3,600 W

Min PPT Voltage: 125 V

Max PPT Voltage: 550 V

DC Startup Voltage: 120 V

DC Shutdown Voltage: 120 V

Max Input Voltage: 580 V

Max DC Power: 4,680 W

Max AC Power: 3,600 W

Max DC Current: 22 A

Max DC Inputs: 2

Has DC Fuses: 0

Connector: MC4 Compatible  

Included Connectors: 1

Euro Efficiency: 97.5 %

Transformer: None

IP Rating: IP65

MPPT Trackers: 2

Has Integrated DC Switch: No

Warranty: 10 years

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