Weco LV Master, 25 batteries
LOW VOLTAGE HUB VALID FOR 5K3 LV/HV Connecting three or more Weco 5.3kWh batteries in a low voltage system it is mandatory to add the BMS BMU Multi Cluster Hub Controller (We-HUB) when more than one cluster is connected on...
R 19,197.13
Weco Wifi communication device
With Weco’s Wifi communication device you will only need the absolute necessary cables. The plug and play allow for an easy installation. The “WecoBatteries” App allows the user to have instant access to their systems data from the comfort of...
R 1,473.49
Weco LV Installation kit for 5K3-LV/HV, incl. bracket, LV + coms cables
The Weco wall mount kit allows one to install the batteries vertically on a wall allowing more space and it couples well with wall mounted inverters. The kit includes the cables and bracket for the Weco batteries.
R 894.84
Sold Out
Weco Single module, HV/LV, 48V, 5.3kWh, no bracket or LV cables
WeCo’S 5k3XP  Stackable Module is a DUAL VOLTAGE module that can be used in a Low Voltage(48.5-58.4Vdc) configuration or in a High Voltage(80/200-750Vdc) configuration. Weco's single module, 5k3XP is the most advanced lithium module for home and industrial. The energy...
R 29,844.95
Sold Out
Weco Busbar set
Weco Busbar set
Weco's 360A copper Busbar are parallel connectors for low voltage batteries. They are used for stack systems which allows us to connect up to 5 batteries in parallel. If stacking a cluster of batteries (more than 5 batteries), is mandatory....
R 1,211.61
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