Solar Solutions

The renewable energy team is passionate about innovative technologies in renewable energy with long term sustainability.


The renewables division is focused on four key product verticals:


  • Solar PV – including solar modules, inverters and UPSs, mounting structure and balance of system supply;
  • Energy storage – offering various types of batteries from Lithium-Ion to lead-based technologies;
  • Solar lighting – for off-grid lighting solutions;
  • Electric vehicle charging stations – globally recognised brands including EVBox, Delta Electronics and EO Charging.
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Solar Systems Catalogues

Solar Panels

 Solar Hydropanel

Solar Inverters and Accessories

Off Grid Inverters and Accessories

PV Pump Drives

Backup Inverters and Accessories

Solar Mounting Structure and Accessories

Solar Cable

Electrical Cable

Cable Management and Accessories

Enclosures and Accessories

PV Fuses and Holders

Surge Protection

Isolators DC and AC

Charge Controllers

Solar Connectors

Tools for Solar Applications

Combiner Boxes AC and DC

Meters and Instruments

Logging and Monitoring

Circuit Breakers

Energy Storage

Lithium Batteries

 Lithium Batteries

 Lead Batteries

Electric Vehicles

Charging Stations Home

Charging Stations Business

 Charging Stations Public

Charging Stations Supercharger

Charger Accessories

Solar Lighting

Street Lighting and Area Lighting

Solar Brands we represent

Enclosures and combiner boxes

Mounting systems

PV Fuses

Solar Panels

PV Surge Protection

Inverters & EV Chargers

Solar Drives

EV Chargers

EV Chargers

Solar Inverters

Solar Trackers

Enclosures & Accessories

Solar Panels

Solar Cables

Control Cables

Mounting Structures

DC Breakers

Ground Mount Structures

Cable Management

Generic Solar Range


PV Test Equipment

Monitoring Devices

Solar Inverters

Solar Connectivity

Off-grid Inverters

Off-grid Lighting

DC & AC Isolators

Lithium Batteries

Off-grid Water

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