Weidmuller TM-I 30 Marker Neutral White 4x30mm


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TM-I is an acknowledged and accredited marker type for traffic engineering applications. There are various different tag lengths available for individual labelling with long character strings. Easy handling of separation and installation thanks to the project marker field. Preattachment of sleeves and retrofitting of tags offer excellent versatility

The special contour of TM-I allows easy assembly and secures firm positioning. They are compatible with a number of commercially available sleeves. Thanks to the MultiCard format, the tags can be printed quickly and conveniently with the PrintJet CONNECT, plotter or the STI pen.

  • Easy handling of separation and installation thanks to the project marker field.
  • Acknowledged and accredited marker for traffic engineering applications
  • Pre-attachment of sleeves and retrofitting of tags offer excellent versatility
  • Not suited for labelling with P-Ink or STI pen in connection with CLI T sleeves


Halogen: No 

Material: Polyamide 66

Material colour according to resistance code: 9

Number of markers per combination: 1 MultiCard = Terminal marker

Operating temperature range: -40...100 °C 

UL 94 flammability rating: V-2

Colour: White

Recommended industries: Transportation, Machinery

Type of printing: Neutral

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