Weidmuller Terminal WDU 10 Dark Beige


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The high reliability and variety of designs of the Terminals blocks with clamping yoke connections make planning easer and optimises operational safety. Klippon® Connect provides a proven response to a range of different requirements.



Design: WDU 10

Colour: dark beige

Material: Wemid

UL 94 flammability rating: V-0

Version: Feed-through terminal, Screw connection, 10 mm², 1000 V, 57 A, dark beige

Electrical data

Volume resistance according to IEC 60947-7-x: 0.56 mΩ

Rated voltage: 1,000 V

Rated DC voltage: 1,000 V DC

Rated current: 57 A

Rated cross-section: 10 mm²

Rated impulse withstand voltage: 8 kV

Power loss in accordance with IEC 60947-7-x: 1.82 W

Current at maximum wires: 76 A

Mechanical data

Number of connections: 2

Connection cross-section, stranded, max.: 16 mm²

Blade size: 1.0 x 5.5 mm

Type of connection: Screw connection

Tightening torque, max: 1.9 Nm

Wire connection cross section, finely stranded, max.: 16 mm²

Wire connection cross section AWG, max.: AWG 6

Stripping length: 12 mm

Type of mounting: Snap-on

Open sides: right

Ambient conditions

Continuous operating temp.: -60 °C to 130 °C

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