Telergon Switch Disc S5 315A 3p 400VAC S1 Base Lug


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Switch – disconnectors on-load, are available from 40A to 6300A in 3P – 3P+N & 4P versions under request on order. Rated breaking current of up to 8 times the rated operational current, with ability to establish and support short circuit currents up to 100kA. Uninterrupted duties in extreme tropic and polar conditions, as well as the polluted environment of any industrial process. Protection against accidental over voltages in equipments connected between phase and neutral (our standard 3P+N) whit advanced switched neutral pole (early make – late break).

Technical Specifications:

Rated Thermal Current: 315A 

Poles: 3P

Rated Insulated Voltage: 1000Vdc

Rated Impulse Withstand Voltage: 8kV

Short Circuit Current: 20kA

Number of Mechanical Operations Cycles: 8000

Accessories to get IP65 Rating:

DS-LI21 (Direct Handle)

DS-LA21 (External Handle) Included Shaft

DS-LA24 (External Handle) Without Shaft

DS-SR11 (Emergency External Handle) Included Shaft


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