Siemens SITOP PSU100L Stabilized power supply input 24V/20A


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SITOP PSU100L is ideal for complex plants and machines. The wide-range input allows it to be connected to any supply system and also to withstand large voltage fluctuations. The power boost briefly delivers up to three times the rated current. And in the event of an overload, you can choose between constant current with automatic restart or latching shutdown. The high degree of efficiency reduces energy consumption, while the compact metal enclosure saves space.


Design: SITOP PSU100L

Nominal value output current: 20.0 A

Rated voltage range: 240 to 100V AC

Rated frequency: 50 to 60 Hz

Input current

Input: 1-phase AC or DC

Rated voltage value Vin rated: 100 ... 240 V

Input voltage: 100 ... 240 V DC

Supplied voltage: 85 ... 264 V AC

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