Siemens SIMATIC S7-1500, digital input module DI 32x24VDC HF


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SIMATIC S7-1500, digital input module DI 32x24 V DC HF, 32 channels in groups of 16; Input delay 0.05..20 ms Input type 3 (IEC 61131); Diagnostics, hardware interrupts: Front connector (screw terminals or pushin) to be ordered separately.


General data

Design: DI 32x24VDC HF

HW functional status: FS04

Firmware version: Yes

Electrical data

Rated supply voltage: 24 V DC

Permissible range (Lower to upper limit): 20.4 V to 28.8 V DC

Number of digital inputs: 32

Number of digital outputs: 0

Input current: 2.5 mA

Power: 1.1 W

Power loss: 4.2 W


Dimensions (W x H x D): 35 x 147 x 129mm

Diagnostics indication LED: Run – green LED, Error – red LED, Maint – yellow LED

Isolation: 707 V DC (type test)

Ambient conditions

Ambient temperature: -30 °C (from FS04) to 60 °C

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