Siemens SIMATIC PM 1507 Regulated power supply 24 V/8 A


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SIMATIC PM 1507 24 V/8 A Regulated power supply for SIMATIC S7-1500 input: 120/230 V AC, output: 24 V DC/8 A


Design: SITOP PSU8200

Nominal value output current: 20.0 A

Rated voltage range: 400 to 500V AC

Rated frequency: 50 to 60 Hz

Input current

Input: 1-phase AC,Automatic range selection

Supply voltage: 1) 120V AC, 2)230V AC

Input voltage: 1)85 ... 132V AC, 2)2 at AC 170 ... 264V AC

Mains buffering: At Vin = 93/187 V

Mains buffering at Iout rated, min: 20 ms; at Vin = 93/187 V

Output current

Output: Controlled, isolated DC voltage

Rated voltage Vout DC: 24 V DC

Total tolerance, static: ±1 %

Static mains compensation, approx.: 0.1 %

Static load balancing, approx: 0.1 %

Residual ripple peak-peak, max.: 50 mV

Spikes peak-peak, max. (bandwidth: 20 MHz): 150 mV

Status display:LED green for 24 V OK; LED red for error; LED yellow for stand-by

Startup delay, max.: 1.5 s

Voltage rise, typ.: 10 ms

Rated current value Iout rated: 8 A

Current range: 0 ... 8 A

Supplied active power typical: 192 W

Short-term overload current: 35 A

Duration of overloading capability for excess current: 70 ms


Efficiency at Vout rated, Iout rated, approx.: 90 %

Power loss at Vout rated, Iout rated, approx.: 21 W

Mechanical data

Output overvoltage protection: Additional control loop, limitation (closed loop control) at < 28.8 V

Current limitation, type: 9 A

Dimensions of enclosure (W x H x D): 75 x 147 x 129mm

Humidity class: Climate class 3K3, 5 … 95% no condensation

Connection: Screw-/spring clamp connection

Ambient conditions

Operating temperature: 0 °C to 60 °C

Protection rating: IP20

Leakage current max.: 3.5 mA

Other parts


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