Siemens Industrial Ethernet FastConnect TP cable GP4x2(flex)


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Flexible cable for quick assembly, for occasionally moving machine parts. Shielded TP installation cable (8-core) with flexible cores and is designed with overlapped aluminium-clad foil, sheathed in a braided screen of tinplated copper wires.



Attenuation factor per length:

At 10 MHz / maximum: 0.058 dB/m

At 100 MHz / maximum: 0.191 dB/m

At 250 MHz / maximum: 0.311 dB/m

At 300 MHz / maximum: 0.343 dB/m

At 500 MHz / maximum: 0.453 dB/m

Transfer impedance per length / at 10 MHz: 20 mΩ/m

Loop resistance per length / maximum: 190 mΩ/m

Insulation resistance coefficient: 5000 GΩ·m

Operating voltage: 80 V

Mechanical data

Number of electrical cores: 8

Core diameter of AWG24 insulated conductor: 0.51 mm

Cable sheath material: PVC

Colour of the insulation of data wires: White-blue/blue, white-orange/orange, white-green/green, white brown/brown

Colour of cable sheath: Green

Certification: Refer to Datasheet

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