Sick IME12-08NPSZC0S Inductive prox, 10-30VDC, PNP, N/O

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SICK’s inductive sensors offer precise detection, less downtime and a long service life. The inductive IME sensors pack high technology into the smallest of spaces. The integrated ASIC chip enables digital adjustment after the end of the manufacturing process. The saving of values in the ASIC ensures highly precise switching points and very high repeatability of values – for any number of production runs. IM sensors are completely encapsulated with hotmelt molding, which greatly increases shock and vibration resistance. The customer benefits from high positioning accuracy in the machine and long-term reliability.



Design: Inductive proximity sensors IME

Safe sensing range Sa: 6.48 mm

Housing: Cylindrical thread design

Output function: NO

Switching frequency: 2,000 Hz

Installation type: Non-flush

Electrical data

Supply voltage: 10 V DC ... 30 V DC

Ripple: ≤ 10 %

Current consumption: 10 mA 2)

Voltage drop: ≤ 2 V 1)

Short-circuit protection:

Mechanical data

Housing material: Brass, nickel-plated

Sensing face material: Plastic, PA 66

Items supplied: Mounting nut, brass, nickel-plated (2x)

Connection type: Male connector M12, 4-pin

UL File No.: NRKH.E181493

Ambient conditions

Ambient operating temperature: –25 °C ... +75 °C

Enclosure rating: IP67 1)

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