Rittal VX Base Plinth Front & Rear H100xW600mm


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Optimised version of the VX base/plinth system with improved stability and easy handling due to trim panels screw-fastened from the front. The existing advantages of the base/plinth are retained.  VX Base/plinth corner piece, with base/plinth trim panel, front and rear, H: 100 mm, for W: 600 mm, sheet steel



Base/plinth corner piece: Sheet steel

Base/plinth trim panel front/rear: Sheet steel

Corner and baying cover: Plastic

Colour: RAL 9005

Supply includes: 

  • 4 base/plinth corner pieces, 100 mm high
  • 4 corner covers
  • 1 baying cover
  • 2 base/plinth trim panels, front/rear, 100 mm high
  • Assembly parts

Note: Base/plinth trim panels, sides to finish off a unit, for additional stabilisation between base/plinths, or for interior configuration

Dimensions To fit (W x H): 600 x 100 mm

Packs of: 2 pc(s).

Weight/pack: 4.42 kg

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