Rittal Divider panel 1800x600mm


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For shielding individual enclosure cells. Thanks to the symmetry of the frame system, the divider panel can also be used at the rear. All-round, double fold for stability and to hold the seal.  VX Divider panel, for HD: 1800 x 600 mm. The divider panel may also be fitted at the rear. This allows, e.g. frequency converters for heat dissipation to be installed in a divider panel with the cooling units facing outwards and protected/finished off with a cover.


Material: Sheet steel, 1.5 mm

Surface finish: Zinc-plated   

Protection category IP to IEC 60 529: IP 54

Assembly instruction: For baying in combination with a divider panel, an internal baying bracket 8617500 or external baying bracket 8617502 is required

Supply includes: Assembly parts

Dimensions to fit (H x D): 1800 x 600 mm

Installation options: For mounting n the outer mounting level. This leaves the inner level free for further population

Mounting plate (W x H): 499 x 1896 mm

Packs of: 1 pc(s).

Weight/pack: 12.5 Kg

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