Murr Xmvp8N-Mk10D Exact8 10Xm8 3 Pole

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Sensors and actuators are connected via M8 sockets to the distribution box. The connection to the control panel can be achieved in a number of different ways. Robust housing, built to high protection (IP67) along with pre-tested circuitry guarantee reliability in any number of applications.

Distribution systems create the connection between the field peripherals and the PLC. Via screw in M8 connectors, actuators and sensors can be connected to the distribution box in the field. The distribution boxes are IP67 rated and can be used in difficult environments. Via a parallel cable (multi-core cable) the connection is made to the interface card in the PLC / Controller. Distribution boxes allow rapid and safe cabling in all applications and with the integrated LED indicators, easier service.

Murrelektronik offers a complete range of 4-, 6- and 8-way distribution boxes with M8 connection sockets. Unused sockets can be covered with a cap. The use of T-couplers and Y-connectors allow 2 signals to be processed through one socket. The pre-wired PUR cables greatly reduce time-consuming wiring and space. The version with connection terminals is ideal for applications where the cable route to the controller is difficult. The version with 12- or 19-pole connectors allows rapid assembly and transport separation when necessary. Status indicator and labels are provided for each I/O. The M8 distribution boxes set new standards in size and weight (100 g without cable), allowing distribution to be used in places where previously it was impossible. The M8 sockets are available in both screw and snap-in options. The M8 distribution boxes are available with pre-wired cable or with 12- or 19-pole connectors in 8 different versions and 3- or 4-pole sockets. In addition, we can now offer the single row M8 distribution box 3-pole with pre-wired cable in 4-, 6-, 8- and 10-way version.


Electrical data

Operating voltage: 24 V DC

Operating current per contact: max. 2 A

Total current: max. 8 A

Ambient conditions

Temperature range: -20...+70 °C, depending on cable quality

Protection: IP65/IP67

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