Murr Valve Connector Female, Field-wireable 2+PE, 250V AC/DC

Murr Elektronik

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Connection technology: As a leading cordset manufacturer, Murrelektronik offers a wide variety of jacket colours, head and cable types. The product range includes M8 and M12 sensor cables along with RJ-45 network cables and Mini (7/8”) power cables. With over 20,000 different M12 connection cables, Murrelektronik has what you need. Valve plugs for all common forms (A, B, C and CI) as well as MQ15 and M23 motor cables round out our portfolio. The Valve connectors are field-wireable and the plastic housings has good resistance against chemicals and oils.



Material (gasket): NBR

Mounting method: inserted, tightened

Electrical data

Operating voltage: max. 250 V AC/DC

Operating current per contact: max. 6 A

Locking of ports: M2.5 (recommended torque 0.4 Nm)

Configuration: 2 contacts + PE

Ambient conditions

Temperature range: -40...+90 °C

Protection: IP65 inserted and tightened (EN 60529)

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