Murr MSDD Installation Socket RJ45(Fem/Fem) Cat5E

Murr Elektronik

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Modlink MSDD front panel interfaces make it easy to access controls in the cabinet when it's time for on-site diagnostics and maintenance. The control cabinet stays closed so you aren’t exposed to live voltage and the components stay within the recommended protection class. Compliance with safety regulations regarding panel entry are easier to meet with the use of panel interface devices.
With Modlink MSDD, you simply snap the right RCD into the frame. In the US, the machine guidelines for industrial controls in NEC Article 430 and subsequent subsections require the use of Ground Fault Circuit Interrupt devices (GFCI) to minimize hazards when using power connections on a control cabinet. The Modlink MSDD inserts meet these standards and accommodate touch guard requirements as well making safe operations possible on the front of control cabinet.



Shielded: yes

Cut-out: Ø 22.5 mm

Dimensions H×W×D: 29.5×29.5×29 mm

Electrical data

Operating voltage: 24 V AC

Operating current: max. 1.5 A

Mounting depth mounted: approx. 19 mm

Ambient conditions

Protection: IP65

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