Murr Miro Multifunction Timer With Relay Out, 24V DC in

Murr Elektronik

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Relays from Murrelektronik are extremely small but perform the best. Integrated LEDs always show the current switching status. Several labels keep the cabinet organized during operation. Relay modules with pluggable relay components are excellent for applications that switch frequently: When the switching component is worn out it can be replaced without any wiring efforts. MIRO Multi Timer is a relay out with Impulse expansion range of 0.1 to 300 s and has a Screw terminals connection.



Test isolation voltage: 4 kV; safe separation (EN 60947-1)

Mounting method: DIN-rail mountable (EN 60715

Dimensions H×W×D: 91×6.2×70 mm

Electrical data

Min. load current: 100 mA (12 V DC)

Contact material: Ag Sn O2

Output rating: max. 1500 VA/120 W

Switching frequency: max. 10 Hz

Output voltage: max. 250 V AC/DC

Input voltage: 24 V DC (+10 -15%) input A

Input current: 20 mA (input A)

Control voltage: 24 V DC (+10 -15%) input B

Control current: 5 mA (input B)

Ambient conditions

Temperature range: -25...+60 °C

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