Murr 4 Ch Distribution & Over Current Protection (1A-6A)

Murr Elektronik

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MICO is the intelligent power distribution module from Murrelektronik for 24 V DC. It monitors currents, indicates when approaching the maximum load and makes targeted shut downs during over-stress or short circuits. This makes sure systems run at maximum capacity.

Complex power supply systems with many components require reliable load protection. Switch mode power supplies are the core of these systems since they electronically monitor output voltage and output current. If there is a short circuit or an overload, protective devices downstream (for example circuit breakers) react slower than the power supply and do not ensure selectivity. This can cause critical situations like voltage drops or even cable fires. Our compact MICO modules help eliminate these problems. Errors are found quickly while availability remains high.



Bridging concept: two sides, with spring clamp terminals or bridge set (max. 40 A)

Connection: Spring clamp terminals

Mounting method: DIN-rail mountable TH35 (EN 60715)

Dimensions H×W×D: 90×70×80 mm

Output terminals: per output 1× 4 mm²

Input terminals: 2× 16 mm²

Mechanical data

Inrush capacity: max. 20 mF (per channel)

Current adjustment: 1 A, 2 A, 4 A, 6 A, by countersinked rotary switch, sealed

Electrical data

Operating voltage: 24 V DC (18...30 V DC)

Input voltage (ON): 10...30 V DC

Impulse length (ON): min. 20 ms

Ambient conditions

Temperature range: 0...+55 °C (storage temperature -40...+80 °C)

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