Hebotec SHD8 4, M8-Mounting clip


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M8-/M12-Mounting clip for direct assembly stackable

The Mounting clip for direct assembly serves as an installation help for the secure fixing of industrial connectors.It is available in two sizes for M8 or M12 connectors. The clip can be mounted with a cylinder screw. Following this, the M8 or M12 connector is simply pressed in from above.
It should be ensured that the gap of the connector is positioned in the middle of the clip. Nubs in the material dip into the gap and prevent the connectors from moving in the longitudinal direction. The different sizes are stackable by a dovetail joint.


  • Easy handling
  • Good holding force
  • Universally applicable
  • Stackable clip
  • High stability
  • Prevention of longitudinal movement

Material: Polyamide, reinforced with glass fibre, self extinguishing according to UL94-V0


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