Mitsubishi FR-CS82S-100-60 VSD, 200-240V, 2.2kW 10A


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Mitsubishi's popular FR-CS80 series inverters are famously compact and highly efficient while remaining easy to use! Supports high-speed RS485 communication as standard with Modbus®/RTU and Mitsubishi protocols.

Shorter startup time with easy setup. Easy to configure via FR Configurater2 which is free software and can be downloaded from the MyMitsubishi website. Easy connection with GOT. When the automatic connection is enabled the inverter can communicate with the GOT2000 series simply by connecting the GOT. Reduced wiring check time. The wiring can be checked easily by lifting the control terminal cover making maintenance easier. Easy and high reliability wiring to the control circuit with Spring clamp terminals.

The circuit board coating conforms to IEC 60721-3-3 3C2/3S2 for improved environmental resistance. Being RoHS compliant the inverter is friendly to people and the environment. EMC compliant to EN61800-3 2nd environment when an optional EMC filter is connected. The inverters are compatible with UL cUL EAC EC directives (CE marking).


Minimum rated voltage: 200 V

Minimum permissible voltage: 170 V

Maximum rated voltage: 240 V

Maximum permissible voltage:  264 V

Current type: AC   

Phases: 1  

Rated output current ND: 10 A

Rated motor capacity ND: 2,2 kW


Motor type: Induction motor  

Brake chopper ED: 30 %

Integrated EMC filter: No   

Safe torque off (STO): No   

Regenerative (4Q): No  

Integrated DC choke: No   

Display: FR-LU08  

Display type: 4 Digits LED  

PLC function: No   

Rs-485: 1  

Built-in network: MODBUS-RTU  

Protection class: IP20   

Leakage current: 1 mA   

Dimensions: 108  x 128 x 160mm

Weight: 1,4 kg

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