Lapp Kabel UNITRONIC LiYCY PVC Data Cable, DIN Colour coded

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UNITRONIC® LiYCY is a screened data transmission cable with a Fine-wire/multi-wire (0.34 mm²) strand made of bare copper wires, Tinned-copper braiding and is core insulation made of PVC. Overall braid minimises electrical interference. Good protection against capacitive interference from electric fields (e.g. power cable). Flame-retardant protection in accordance with IEC 60332-1-2. Screened cables with small dimensions are suitable for use in computer systems, instrumentation technology, office equipment, balances. Dry or damp rooms



Design:   UNITRONIC® LiYCY: Low-frequency PVC data cable DIN 47100 coded Flexible (0.34mm² multi-wire Maxi TERMI-POINT®) Flame retardant Screened, Instrumentation Control


Technical data

Core identification code: DIN 47100 without colour repetition

Inductivity: Approx. 0.65 mH/km

Conductor stranding: Stranded, fine-wire (0.34 mm²: 7-wire)

Minimum bending radius: Occasional flexing: 15 x outer diameter | Fixed installation: 6 x outer diameter

Number of cores and mm² per conductor: mm²

Outer diameter: mm

Material data

Copper index (kg/km): mm

Weight (kg/km): mm

Outer sheath material:  PVC

Outer sheath colour:  Grey (closes to RAL001)

Temperature Range

Occasional flexing:  -5°C to +70°C

Fixed installation:  -40°C to +80°C

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