Lapp Kabel Single Core Cable, H07V-K, HAR, 6mm² Blue

Lapp Kabel

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LAPPKABEL's H07V-K, power and control cable has marking which stands for the international endorsement of national certification testing marks and certificates. H07V-K cable is used in applications such as wire devices and control cabinets. Protected flame-retardant, class 5/fine wire installation when laying in tubes, exposed or buried in plaster, and in closed installation ducts. As well as for direct laying on racks, troughs and tubes only as potential equalisation conductor



Design: Panel Wire

Norm references: H07V-K  

Technical data

Nominal voltage:  U₀/U: 450/750 V

Test voltage: 2500 V

Conductor cross section: 6 mm²

Outer diameter: 4.4 - 5.3 mm

Coil length: 100mm

Material data

Copper index (kg/km): 57.6 mm

Weight (kg/km): 71 mm

Outer sheath material:  PVC

Core colour: Blue

Temperature Range

Fixed installation:   -40°C to +80°C

Moved:   +5°C to +70°C

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