Lapp Kabel Olflex Classic 110 PVC Control Cable, 18 G 0.5mm²

Lapp Kabel

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Lappkabel Ölflex® Classic 110 range is a VDE-registered oil-resistant PVC control cable. Ölflex® Classic 110 cable is designed with the ability to function effortlessly within a wide variety of applications, whether it is a fixed installation or occasional flexing at free, non-continuously recurring movement without tensile load. Furthermore, dry or damp rooms are subject to medium mechanical loads. The PVC control cable is also used for torsional applications which are typical for the loop in wind turbine generators (WTG).



Design:  Control Cable

Series:  Olflex Classic 110 PVC

Technical data

Nominal voltage:  U₀/U: 300/500 V

Test voltage: 4000 V

Core identification code: Black with white numbers acc. to VDE 0293-1

Number of cores and mm² per conductor: 18 G0,5 mm²

Outer diameter: 10,5 mm

Material data

Copper index (kg/km): 86.4 mm

Weight (kg/km): 188 mm

Outer sheath material:  PVC

Outer sheath colour:  Grey (closes to RAL001)

Temperature Range

Occasional flexing:  -15°C to +70°C

In power chains:  -5°C to +70°C

Fixed installation:  -40°C to +80°C

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