Lapp Kabel Industrial Ethernet Cable Cat.5 Profinet Type A

Lapp Kabel

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ETHERLINE® PN Cat.5 is a class D for fixed installation that can be used in dry and damp rooms. Screened against interference. Can be used for Industrial Ethernet in harsh industrial environments 2pair: 10/100 Mbit/s for Industrial Ethernet.



Design: Ethernetcable for category 5, class D for fixed installation

Series: ETHERLINE® PN Cat.5

Technical data

Peak operating voltage: 125 V (not for power applications)

Characteristic impedance: nom. 100 Ω acc. to IEC 61156-5

Class: D

Number of pairs and AWG per conductor: 2 x 2 x AWG22/1

Core diameter: 1.5 mm

Outer diameter: 6.3 mm

Coil length: 100mm

Material data

Copper index (kg/km): 30.4 mm

Weight (kg/km): 56 mm

Outer sheath material:  PVC

Core insulation: PE

Colour: Green (based on RAL 6018)

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