LAP 30 HYX GREEN Crosshair Laser

Lap Laser

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Lasers of HY series with green laser beam are used, when visibility of red lasers is no longer sufficient. This may occur on adverse surfaces (e.g. red or black, wet stone) or bright ambient illumination (sunlight). Green light has a visibility about five times higher compared to red light, because human eyes have their maximum sensitivity in this wavelength area. The robust housing made of stainless steel protects laser, electronic circuitry, and precision optics. Thanks to a compact design and reduced weight the laser can be used just about anywhere.

  • Improved longevity due to diode laser source
  • Manually focusable
  • Optimal visibility of green beam
  • Heavy Duty, extremely robust
  • Available opening angles line: 10°, 20°, 30°, 40°, 80° (standard)
  • Available opening angles cross: 38°, 62°(standard)


Laser power:  30 mW

Laser class: 2M

Line length@ 1m distance: 60 cm / 90 cm

Laser type: Wavelength Diode, 520 nm, green

Power supply: 12 ... 30 V DC

Application conditions: –10 ... +40°C , 35 ... 90 % rel. humidity, non-condensing

Enclosure rating: IP 67

Shock resistance: IK10

Divergence: 0,5 mrad

MTTF: > 30.000 h at 25°C

Dimensions Length: 140 mm, Ø 25 mm (front) /20 mm (back)

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