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SolarEdge Inverter Primary Unit 3PH 82.8kW, DCD and MC4


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SolarEdge's expanded offering of three phase inverters with synergy technology up to 100kW combines large capacity with ease of installation. The inverter design is based on small, lightweight, and easy-to-carry primary and secondary units. They are wall mounted for a minimal footprint, with installation only requiring a one or two-person crew.

No crane or special tools are needed when installing the inverter, unlike alternative large capacity inverters on the market today, which are heavy, bulky, and difficult to install. Installing SolarEdge's large capacity inverters instead of using multiple, smaller capacity inverters will further reduce setup times and costs.

This new generation of SolarEdge three phase inverters is available in the following size:

50kW, 55kW, and 82.8kW as well as 66.6kW and 100kW for meduim voltage grids.



  • Rated AC Power Output: 82800W
  • Max Output Current (per Phase): 120A
  • Grid Supported Three Phase: 3 / N / PE (WYE with Neutral)


  • Max DC Power (Module STC): 111750/37250W
  • Maximum input Voltage: 1000Vdc
  • Nominal DC input Voltage: 750Vdc
  • Max Input Current: 3 x 40A
  • Reverse Polarity: Yes
  • Max Inverter Efficiency: 98.3%
  • DC Input: 9
  • Weight: 138Kg
  • IP Rating: IP65
  • Nighttime Consumption: <12W
  • Standard Warranty: 12 Years


 Also required: 2 x SESU-ZA0S0NNN4 Secondary units


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