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Hebotec KBS 4-20 10 HEBOFIX base for direct assembl


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HEBOFIX base self-adhesive

The self-adhesive base for hook-and-loop fasteners serves as a gentle installation support of lines, cables and hoses. The base can be mounted on the desired surface with the bond area. After that the base can be equipped with our hook-and-loop tape in variable length.


  • Simple, tool-free mounting
  • Variable length of the hook-and-loop tape, or already equipped with hook-and-loop tape
  • Provides a tangle-free and protective cable management
  • Polyurethane-foam to compensate existing irregularities or tolerances of the surface

Base: Polyamide, reinforced with glass fibre, self-extinguishing

Adhesive: Acrylate

Accessories: Hook-and-loop tape on reel

Assembly instructions

  • Clean surface properly and fat-free
  • Remove protection cover in one piece
  • Optimal adhesive power by pressing the base with > 150N shortly


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