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The aesthetically made Level Controller by GIC India is perfect to protect submersible pumps from dry running and at the same time, prevents overfilling. It has a fully automatic operation functionality, helping it to drain and fill simultaneously.

  • Fully Automatic operation enabling both draining and filling simultaneously with a single device
  • Adjustable sensitivity level from 1k to 200k Ohm
  • Includes provision for Manual start
  • Protects submersible pumps against dry running and prevents overfilling
  • Enables maximum utilization of incoming liquid (eg. water) supply
  • Specially designed corrosion and shock resistant sensors to ensure trouble free operation.



Supply voltage:400V AC, +/-20%

Frequency: 47Hz - 63Hz

Power consumption (Max.): 3VA

Device characteristics

Conductive sensor probes: Stainless Steel SS304, 3 or 6 Nos

Sensor length: 10 cm

Control action modes: Only Draining, Only Filling, Draining & Filling Simultaneous (One Tank or Two tanks)

Sensitivity: 1K to 200 K Ohm (Potentiometer adjustable)

Sensor voltage & current: 12 Vp-p, 100 Hz,< 1 mA

Sensor cable    

  • Cable gauge (Min):0.5 sq mm Tin coated, Cable dia(Min):1.5mm Max Cable Length-1000m (For set value < 50%)
  • Max Cable Length-300m (For set value 100%)
  • Max capacitances of wire- 80 nF / km

Settable ON & OFF delay time: 0.5 sec to 10 sec

Manual start switch:
If Lower tank water level is greater than Low level & upper tank water level is below High level then by pressing a switch Relay can be switched ON manually.

Output control mode: Relay ON/OFF

Contact ratings: 1 C/O, 8A@250V AC, Resistive, Terminal 15-Pole, Terminal 16-NC, Terminal 18-NO

Utilization category

AC-15: Rated voltage (Ue):120/240V, Rated current(Ie): 3.0/1.5A

DC-13: Rated voltage (Ue):24/125/250V, Rated current(Ie): 2.0/0.22/0.1A

Electrical life: 1 x 10 Operations

Mechanical life: 1 x 10 Operations

LED indication: GREEN LED: Power ON, RED LED : Relay Output ON

Operating temperature: -10°C to +60°C

Storage temperature:  -10°C to +70°C

Relative humidity: 5 to 95 % RH (non condensing)

Mounting: Base/DIN Rail

Dimension (W x H x D): 36 X 90 X 65mm

Weight (unpacked): 235 g (Controller), 45 g (Sensor)

Certification: RoHS Compliant

Certification / Standard


  • Harmonic Current Emission IEC 61000-3-2
  • ESD IEC 61000-4-2
  • Radiated Susceptibility IEC 61000-4-3
  • Electrical Fast Transient IEC 61000-4-4
  • Surge IEC 61000-4-5


  • Cold Heat IEC EC 60068-2-1
  • Non-Repetitive Shock IEC 60068-2-2  
  • Dry Heat IEC 60068-2-6
  • Vibration IEC 60068-2-27
  • Repetitive Shock 60068-2-27

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