GIC GSM Controller


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  • Load can be made ON / OFF using mobile phone from remote location either by making an IVRS call, missed call or sending SMS to the device.
  • Device is suitable for Single Phase and Three Phase supply. Device is compatible with SASD, FASD & DOL starters and controllers.
  • One Master and two other Master or Monitor numbers can be configured to control and monitor the Load operation.
  • Load can be operated in Manual Mode, GSM Auto Mode, Timer Mode, Retentive Timer Mode or Multiple Daily Timer Mode Wire antenna for flexible positioning to get proper signal strength.
  • User can get information of events like Load ON/OFF, Phase error, Error recovery, Power Fail, Power ON, Phase fail, Contactor pick up fault through SMS and call back from device
  • Anti-theft feature Powered with Android App “M-Remote”



Supply voltage: 180V AC to 500V AC (For Single Phase : Connect Live to R or Y & Neutral to B & COM terminal of Controller)

Frequency: 50/60 Hz

Power consumption (Max.): 10 VA

Initialisation time: 45 Sec

Contact ratings: Terminal 15 & 16 – NC ,Terminal 25 & 28 – NO, 5A @ 250V AC / 30V DC (Res)

LED indications




ON (Green)


Master number configured.

Blinking @ 500 m Sec

GSM modem in factory default mode

CFG (Red)

Blinking @ 500 m Sec

GSM modem in configuration mode


N/W (Green)

Flash every 800 m sec

Not registered with N/W

Flash every 3 sec

Registered with N/W


I1 & I2 (Yellow)

Both ON

Starter ON

Both OFF

Starter OFF

I1 Blinking @ 500 m Sec

Phase fail

Both blinking

Power fail indication till super capacitor back up

Tx/Rx (Green)

Randomly Blinking

Communication between CPU and Modem

Flash every 400 m Sec

SIM card not detected

GSM modem: Quad band 850MHz,900MHz / 1800MHz,1900MHz

Operating temperature: 0° C to +60° C

Storage temperature: -20° C to +70° C

Humidity (Non Condensing): 95% (Rh)

Enclosure: Flame Retardant UL94-V0

Dimension (W x H x D): 72 X 90.5 X 65 mm

Weight (unpacked) approx.: 220 g

Mounting: DIN rail / Base

Degree of protection: IP 20 for Terminals, IP 30 for Enclosure

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