GIC Digital Time Switch, Crono, 110V-220V AC, 16A relay


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  • Precise time programming for Daily/Weekly/Pulse switching
  • 25 ON/OFF programs
  • Weekend Exclusion (FRI SAT or SAT SUN) and Weekly OFF programming
  • LED Indication of Relay status
  • 12/24 h display formats
  • 6 Years Battery reserve
  • Simple Reset & Manual override
  • Settable DST & Keypad lock feature


Supply Characteristics:  

Supply Voltage: 110 to 240V AC

Supply Variation: -20% to +10% 

Power Consumption (Max.): 4 VA

Operating Frequency: 50/60 Hz

Battery Backup: Approx. 6 years running reserve

Functional Characteristics :          

Display:  3 Line Text LCD

LED Indications (Red): Relay ON: LED ON, Relay OFF: LED OFF

Number of Programs: 25 ON/OFF

Hour Setting: 00-23 for 24h clock & 00-12 for 12h clock mode

Clock Resolution (Minimum): 1 minute

Pulse Duration: N.A

Clock Mode: Either 12h (AM/PM) or 24 h Clock

Reset: Resets all programs and clock

Day Setting: Monday to Sunday

Day Selection: Monday to Sunday, Monday to Saturday, Monday to Friday, Friday to Saturday, Saturday to Sunday, Individual Holiday, Individual day, Alternate week-day

Clock Accuracy: +/- 2 s/day max. over the operating temp. range

Number of keys: 6 keys with 1 recessed reset button

Relay Output Characteristics:     

Contact Arrangement: 1 C/O (SPDT)

Contact Rating: 16 A (NO) & 5 A (NC) @ 240V AC/24V DC (Resistive)

Utilization Category (AC-15) at +85° C: Ue Rated Voltage (V) : 250 (Inductive @ Cos Ø = 0.6)

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