Gelbau Safety Edge Black Nbr Ass/Aos


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The sensing strips consist of two layers of rubber, one with conductive and one normal insulating rubber. A copper wire embedded in two separated layers of conductive rubber together with a resistor at the end of the sensing strip, forms a closed circuit. If the separated layers are pressed together there is a short-circuit, the control unit react and its outputs release. In the same set hammer the control unit reacts to an open-circuit in the cable or in the sensing strip's copper conductor. Several sensing strips can be easily connected in series. Up to 100 m of sensing strip can be connected to one control unit.


Material: NBR

Weight: 0.839 kg/m

Shore hardness: Conductive mixture: 71 +/–5 Shore A, Non-conductive mixture: 54 +/–5 Shore A

Interconnection: Series connection electr. max. 10 switching strips

Min. and max. length of the switching strip: 0.1 m to 100 m

Storage temperature: –10 °C to +15 °C respectively +25 °C (DIN 7716)

Delivery length: 20 m

Response time of the evaluation electronics: < 12 ms

Test temperature: 20 °C

Speed: 200 mm/s

Actuation force: 85.0 N

Pre-travel at max. operating speed: 9.4 mm

Working travel 600 N: 31.0 mm

Compensation travel at 250 N: 8.9 mm

Compensation travel at 400 N: 15.3 mm

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