Elfin Flashing Buzzer 230V Ac/Dc


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Red Buzzer with flashing LED beacon, 230V AC

  • Range 020 Command and Signalling SM2 Ø 22
  • Buzzer and flashing LED beacon



Product: Buzzers Ø 22

Compliance with standards: IEC-EN60947-1, IEC-EN60947-5-1, UL508, CSA C22-2

Operating temperatures: -25° to +65°C

Protection degree: IP44 (IEC-EN60529)

Protection against impact: IK03 (IEC-EN62262)

Material: PA Polyamide

Lens material: PC Polycarbonate

Locking ring material: PA Polyamide

Fixing diameter: 22.5mm - Thickness 1 to 6mm

Tightening torque: 1 to 2,5Nm (8.8 to 22.1 Lb-in)

Current consumption: 20mA

Sound: 80dB (1m) intermittent single tone

Overvoltage category: Class II (IEC-EN61140)

Weight: 20,000 Grams

Warranty period: 18 months

Approvals: CE

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