EVBox 50Kw DC fast charger


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Equipped with a power(ful) output between 50–350 kW, DC can charge up to 125 km in 30 mins (50 kW), and up to 400 km in just 15 mins (350 kW).

With its unique auto-retractable cables, rugged high-impact housing, advanced heating system, and high-quality power electronic components, DC is fully reliable and made to last. Flexible architecture and universally compatible in every space and use case Made to last with auto-retractable cables, high quality power electronic components, and more Consumes power efficiently with smart queuing and battery storage options.

  • Works as a standalone charger or as a power unit
  • AC & DC charging connectors are included in the housing
  • Can charge AC and DC simultaneously
  • Has an AC / DC converter
  • Includes AC and DC controllers
  • Has independent AC and DC electrical protections


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