Euchner RPS3131SC100M Rope pull switch, M20x1.5, 2NC+2NO


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Rope pull switches RPS are emergency stop devices for protecting large, expansive machine or installation areas that cannot be protected by an enclosing housing or cover. Areas of an installation or machine can be shut down immediately from any point in the working area in the event of danger.

  • EMERGENCY STOP device with detent mechanism according to EN ISO 13850
  • Indication of correct rope tension
  • Switching elements with 4 switching contacts



Design: Rope pull switch with pull-to-reset button for EMERGENCY STOP device, clamping head

Material: Housing Reinforced thermoplastic

Number of positively driven contacts: 2

Number of NO contacts: 2

Switching principle: Slow-action switching contact

Rope diameter: 2 ... 5 mm

Mechanical data

Mechanical life: 0,1 x 106

Connection: 3 xM20 x 1.5

Installation orientation: Any

Actuating force: 100 N

Electrical data

Thermal rated current: 10 A

Short circuit protection: 6A gG

Switching current: at 24Vmin.10 mA

Rated insulation voltage: 250 V

Rated impulse withstand voltage: 2,5 kV

Connection cross-section: 0,08 ... 1,5 mm²

Ambient conditions

Ambient temperature: -25 °C to 70 °C

Degree of protection: IP67

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