Euchner MGB-L2HE-ARA-L-121195 Locking set


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Euchner’s guard locking set MGB-L2HE-ARA... The locking arm is held in the locked position by solenoid force and is unlocked by spring force when the solenoid is switched off (open-circuit current principle, electrically locked). A mechanical door stop is permanently integrated into the evaluation module of the MGB. A marking on the stop makes adjustment easier. The LED indicator indicates all important system and status information.

The colour of the pushbutton can be selected using the lens set included (5 colours). Devices with adhesive labels have pre-formed recesses. The adhesive labels enclosed (standard size 12.5 x 27 mm) can be affixed in these recesses. The escape release enables people accidentally shut in to open the guard locked door from the danger zone.

Monitoring outputs

  • OT Bolt tongue inserted into the evaluation module
  • OL Guard locking solenoid in locked position
  • OI Diagnostics; there is a fault


Emergency stop device

  • S1 2 positively driven contacts, emergency stop with turn-to-reset, not illuminated



  • S2 1 NO contact, illuminated
  • S3 1 NO contact, illuminated



Design: MGB-L2HE-ARA-L-121195 Locking set

Housing material: Housing Die-cast zinc/stainless steel powder-coated

Installation orientation: Any

Mechanical data

Mechanical life: 1 x 106

Guard locking principle: Open-circuit current principle

Switching frequency: 0,25 Hz

Connection: Plug connector RC18

Locking force FZh: 2000 N

Electrical data

Utilization category acc: DC-1324V 200mA

Rated insulation voltage: 30 V

Rated impulse withstand voltage : 1,5 kV

Switching current : 1 ... 10 mA

Connection cross-section: 0,34 ... 1,5 mm²

Ambient conditions

Ambient temperature: -20 °C to 55 °C

Degree of protection: IP65

Other parts


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