Euchner CES-AZ-UES-01B Evaluation unit for 1 read head


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Euchner's Evaluation unit is a 1 read head that can be connected and 2 safety outputs (relay contacts with 2 internally connected NO contacts per output). The start button and feedback loop can be connected. To further ensure ease of application of the Evaluation unit it has simple Plug-in connection terminals. Multicode evaluation Plug-in connection terminals.



Design: Evaluation unit CES-AZ-UES-01B (for 1 read head)

Material: Housing Plastic PA6.6

Weight: Net 0,2 kg

Mechanical data

Mechanical life: Operating cycles (relay) 10 x 106

Connection: Plug-in connection terminals, coded Safety contacts 13/14, 23/24

Electrical data

Mounting method: Mounting rail 35mm according to DIN EN 60715 TH35

Switching frequency: max.0,25 Hz

Switching current: At switching voltage AC 5 ... 230 V10 ... 2000 mA At switching voltage AC/DC 21 ... 60 V1 ... 300 mA At switching voltage AC/DC 5 ... 30 V10 ... 6000 mA

Rated insulation voltage: 250 V

Rated impulse withstand voltage: 4 kV

Connection cross-section: (plug-in screw- / springterminals) 0,25 ... 2,5 mm²

Ambient conditions

Ambient temperature: At UB = 24V DC-20 to 55 °C

Degree of protection: IP20

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