Enphase Relay controller, V and F compliance, 1/2/3 ph, 25A


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External relay acts as a grid monitoring and disconnection device. Automatically reconnects when valid grid conditions resume. Three-phase

In Enphase installations, the Q Relay (network system relay controller) acts as a physical disconnection device relay controller for single-phase installations. During specified grid abnormalities, the Q Relay disconnects the Enphase Microinverters from the AC grid, and when the voltages return to normal and the grid frequency is in the acceptable range, the Q Relay reconnects the system. The Q Relay works with the Envoy-S to break both line and neutral, when needed, per grid requirements.

Easy to Install

  • Lightweight and simple
  • DIN rail mount for quick installation


  • Dependable load control
  • Automatically resets when normal voltage resumes


  • Performs voltage and frequency ride-through
  • Remote upgrade capability
  • Easy to read LEDs



Pollution degree: 2

Nominal input voltage (Vnom): 230Vrms

Operating AC voltage range for power supply: 85 to 265V AC

Nominal input frequency: 50 Hz

Voltage and frequency acquisition time on
valid input during normal operation: 100 ms (5 line cycles @ 50Hz)

Number of Q Relays per system: Limit of 20 active Q Relay devices per system

Output: Four pole normally open relay (L1, L2, L3, and N)

Output power rating: 4.8kVA

Output rating (typical): 230 Vrms, 25A

Built-in phase coupler: Suitable for 2- or 3-phase systems with line-to-line voltages up to 440 VAC

Power consumption: 18 VA

LEDs: Four red/green LEDs: three for under/over voltage trip, one for under/over frequency and DC current

Mounting: 35 mm DIN rail (standard)

Width: 107 mm

Surge - L1 N output: Combination (1kV 2Ω)

Operating temperature range: -40 °C to 50 °C

IP rating: IP 20 (Must be used in a protected environment)

Relative humidity: 0 to 95 non-condensing

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