Elum EM330 power measurement meter


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EM330 meter for use with Elum DG controller. Also requires 3 x 5A secondary CTs, sized according to the application.

Three-phase energy meter with backlit LCD display with integrated touch keypad. Particularly indicated for active energy metering and for cost allocation (CT connection), with dual tariff management availability. It can measure imported and exported energy or be programmed to consider only the imported one. Housing for DIN-rail mounting, with IP51 front degree protection. The meter is optionally provided with pulse output proportional to the active energy being measured, RS485 Modbus port or M-bus port. Available for legal metrology (PF option, only for imported energy).


Range code:AV5:

400 to 480 VLL ac -5(6)A (CT connection)

230 to 277 VLN ac -5(6)A (CT connection)


3-phase, 3- or 4-wire;

2-phase 3-wire,

1-phase 2 wire

Power supply: 

Auxiliary power supply 100 to 240V AC/DC


O1: pulse output

S1: RS485 Modbus port

M1: M-bus port

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