Citel DS440S-400, 400V AC 4 pole Type II SPD


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The DS440 Type 2 surge protectors are compact devices designed to protect 3-phase+N networks at the main switchboard. They provide a common or common/differential mode protection. This SPD is based on high energy varistor equipped with thermal disconnectors and failure indicator to comply with standards. The DS440 is DIN rail compatible and is built with a plug-in module and fixed base, which allows an easy and fast maintenance.


  • Compact 3-Phase Type 2 surge protector
  • In : 20 kA
  • Imax : 40 kA
  • Common mode
  • Pluggable module
  • Remode Signaling contact
  • EN 61643-11, CEI 61643-11, UL1449 ed.4 compliance


SPD type  2

Network  230/400 V 3-phase 

AC system  IT

Nominal line voltage  400V AC

Max. AC operating voltage L-N  440V AC

Temporary Over Voltage (TOV) Charasteristics - 5 sec.  580V AC withstand

Temporary Over Voltage (TOV) Charasteristics - 120 mn  770V AC disconnection

Residual Current  < 0.5 mA

Follow current  None

Nominal discharge current  20 kA

Max. discharge current  40 kA

Connection mode(s)  L/PE and N/PE

Protection mode(s)  Common mode

Residuel voltage at 5 kA  1.3 kV

Protection level L/PE  1.8 kV

Admissible short-circuit current  10 000 A

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