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Bussmann Fuse Holder 1P 32A 1500V DC 10x85mm / 14x85mm.


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Eaton’s Bussmann® series 10 x 85 mm fuse holder is suitable for use with 10 x 85 mm and 14 x 85 mm cylindrical gPV fuse links. The unique design offers high degree of safety. There is no possibility of any accidental contact with live parts during replacement of the fuse links. When the fuse carrier is in the extracted position the carrier covers the live parts hence protecting against any accidental contact.



  • Suitable for 10 x 85 and 14 x 85 mm gPV cylindrical fuse links
  • Global accreditation
  • Current rating: 32 A for IEC and UL


Technical data

Number of poles: 1

Rated voltage: 1500 V d.c.

Rated current: 32 A for IEC and UL

Rated isolation voltage Ui: 1500 V

Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp: 12 kV (tested at 18.5 kV)

Rated breaking capacity Icc: 50 kA

Suitable for fuse links with permitted rated power dissipation up to max 8.5W

RoHS Compliant

Mounting on 35 mm DIN-Rail

Degree of protection: IP20

Storage & operating temperature range

Minimum permitted ambient temperature: -40oC (installation only at temperatures > -5oC).

Maximum permitted ambient temperature: +80oC

Service conditions as per IEC 61439-1, maximum pollution degree 3.

Main body of fuse carrier

  • Temperature stability: 130oC
  • Self-extinguishing in accordance to UL 94
  • Comparative tracking index: PLC 1
  • Halogen free
  • Connecting screws is M5 Phil-slot head zinc plated and clear passivated

Terminal points

Box terminal: Cu 4 - 10 mm2 flexible, directly clamped or 

with wire-end ferrules (flexible + wire-end ferrule may not be

possible with maximum cross-section)


  • IEC 60269-1
  • UL 4248-1 Edition 1 (File number E348242)
  • UL 4248-19 Edition 1

Other parts


rubicon group

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