Balluff BCS M18BBI3-PSC80D-S04K Capacitive M18 PNP/NO M12x1


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Capacitive sensors for object detection feature a straight-line electrical field. They detect both solid bodies, such as wafers, PCBs, cartons, paper stacks, bottles, plastic blocks and plates, and liquids through container walls or glass or plastic tubes (thickness max. 4 mm).


Basic features

Basic standard: IEC 60947-5-2

Scope of delivery: Nut (2x)

Sensitivity :Switching distance adjustable


Material: PBT

Surface protection: PBT

Mechanical data

Dimension: Ø 18 x 88.5 mm

Installation: for flush mounting

Size: M18x1

Tightening torque: Tightening torque 2 Nm

Electrical data

No-load current Io max. at Ue: 18 mA

Operating voltage Ub: 10...30 VDC

Rated insulation voltage Ui: 75 V DC

Rated operating current Ie: 100 mA

Rated operating voltage Ue DC: 24 V

Switching frequency: 100 Hz

Electrical connection

Connection: M12x1-Male, 3-pin, A-coded

Polarity reversal protected: yes

Protection against device mix-ups: no

Short-circuit protection: yes

Environmental conditions

Ambient temperature: -25...85 °C

IP rating: IP67

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