Balluff BTL7-E501-M0050-B-SA316-KA05 Magnetostrictive 10-30V


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The most important application for linear position sensors with a rod design is in hydraulic drive units. They are exceptionally well-suited for use in hydraulic cylinders for position feedback, for molding and rolling mills, or for elevator and hoisting technology. The sensors are installed in the pressure area of the hydraulic cylinder and have the same pressure resistance as the cylinder itself.


Basic features

Magnets, number (factory setting): 1

Magnets, number max.: 1

Environmental conditions

Ambient temperature: -40...85 °C

IP rating: IP68

Mechanical data

Mounting part: Threaded flange M18x1.5

Null point: 30.0 mm

Pressure rating max.: 600 bar

Protection tube diameter: 10.2 mm

Tightening torque max.: 100 Nm


Cover material: Aluminum, Die-cast, nickel plated

Housing material: Aluminum, Anodized

Material flange: Stainless steel (1.3960)

Housing material, surface protection: Anodized

Electrical data

Inrush current.: ≤ 500 mA/10 ms

Operating voltage Ub: 10...30 VDC

Galvanic isolation: no

Overvoltage protection: Ub up to 36 V

Electrical connection

Connection: Cable, 5.00 m, PUR

Short-circuit protection: to GND and to 36 V DC

Polarity reversal protected: Ub up to 36 V

Other parts


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