Balluff BOS R-9 Reflector, Square, 51x61x8 mm, -20-60 °C


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The right reflector for any environment: our round and square reflectors and reflective foils are heat- and chemical-resistant. They are suitable for red light, white light, infrared and laser applications. Balluff reflectors can be used optimally for applications with BOS sensors. You can choose between different sizes and mounting options.


The degree of reflection is at maximum for vertical light infall and when the reflector is at an optimum orientation to the light polarization direction.


Basic features

Type:  Reflectors, Fibers, Optics

Version:  Cube corner 4 mm

Use for photoelectric retroreflective sensors.

Environmental conditions

Ambient temperature: -20 to 60 °C


Housing material: ABS

Material sensing surface: PMMA

Mechanical data

Dimension: Ø 51 x 61 x 8mm

Mounting: Adhesive Screw M4

Sensing surface: 22.6 cm²

Optical features

Light type: Non-polarized light, also for polarized light

Technical drawing

Other parts


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