Balluff BMF 08M-PS-C-2-KPU-05 Tubular 8x30.5mm, PNP NO


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Tubular magnetic field sensors offer reliable and wear-free position detection. They are immune to vibration and sense through alloy and aluminum walls with no reduction in switching distance. At the same time, they provide a significantly greater switching distance than inductive sensors of the same physical size. And can be flush mounted in steel.


Basic features

Basic standard: IEC 60947-5-2

Principle of operation: Magnetic field sensor

Environmental conditions

Ambient temperature: -25...85 °C

IP rating: IP67

Mechanical data

Dimension: Ø 8 x 30.5 mm

Mounting: Clamps

Tightening torque: 3 Nm/6 Nm


Housing material: Brass, nickel plated

Material sensing surface: PBTB

Electrical data

Assured switching field strength Ha: 2 kA/m

Operating voltage Ub: 10...30 VDC

Rated insulation voltage Ui: 75 V DC

Rated operating current Ie: 200 mA

Rated short circuit current: 100 A

Rated operating voltage Ue DC: 24 V

Residual current Ir max.: 80 µA

Switching frequency: 10000 Hz

Electrical connection

Conductor cross-section: 0.14 mm²

Short-circuit protection: yes

Number of conductors: 3

Cable diameter D: 3.10 mm

Other parts


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