Balluff BES M18MI-PSC12E-S04G-W08 Inductive 18x76mm PNP/NO


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The inductive Factor 1 sensors from Balluff detect metals with high precision and are especially desirable where targets of different metals are used. They offer generous switching distances with no reduction factor and are magnetic field immune, so that they are ideal for areas with strong electromagnetic fields - such as in welding environments. For these harsh environments versions are also available with a coating that makes them extremely resistant to weld splatter.


Basic features

Basic standard: IEC 60947-5-2

Scope of delivery:Nut M18x1 (2x)

Environmental conditions

Ambient temperature: -40...85 °C

IP rating: IP67, IP68, according to BWN Pr 20

Mechanical data

Dimension: Ø 18 x 76 mm

Installation: non-flush

Tightening torque: 15 Nm


Housing material: Brass, PTFE coated

Material sensing surface: PBT

Electrical data

Load capacitance max. at Ue: 1 µF

Operating voltage Ub: 10...30 VDC

Rated operating voltage Ue DC: 24 V

Rated short circuit current: 100 A

Switching frequency: 2000 Hz

Electrical connection

Connection: M12x1-Male, 3-pin, A-coded

Short-circuit protection: yes

Other parts


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